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Oh man, what a day [Feb. 9th, 2007|07:48 am]
Started off slowly, grinded up a buyin after about 2.5 hours, even though about taking a break or quitting all together (something didn't feel right), but i thought "Hey, stop always quitting when you slightly ahead, the games are soft, keep going".

So i played badly and ran badly.Few suckouts, then a few retarded bluffed that were picked off, then i started suspecting everyone is 3bet bluffing me preflop, so i floated and 4bet with garbage, stat\rted some fancy plays etc etc...Meanwhile, i continued to run bad.
So, in a pretty short period i was down about 2k from the session height.That was pretty horrible.I don't know how i managed to pull myself together (well, a hand when i was 3bet preflop with 99 by Ak and a flop came AK9 helped for sure), but i managed to break even for the session.Even made 12$ and something.
Not bad for 6.5 hours work, huh?:)

Seriously, i think this is the hardest thing to do - coming back from behind, shaking off tilt, cold decks and own mistakes and finally to have the satisfaction of saying to yourself "you did it".
Going to sleep very pleased.