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WSOP ME FT [Jul. 18th, 2007|11:53 am]
Watching the PPV....I am disgusted at the level of play.
That KK vs A5o hand was simply awful.

Except Rahme's reraise preflop noone played this hand correctly during any part of the hand.

That idiot Young called a big reraise preflop with a horrible hand, flopped crummy top pair in position and then commited himself by betting...After that Ramme bluff check raises being second in chips and having plenty behind to check-fold that awful flop, bluffs a retard who can never fold top pair.And just as he is about to fold, he starts talking to him and induces a call.A call by a hand that beats nothing that an old nit would play like that with.All those multiple levels of thinking and at the end it all came down to "I have KK, i can't fold", "I have TP, i can't fold".Insane...I am just disgusted that this is a level of play at the ME' FT.

Well, it is a donkament after all.

Anyway, was sad to see Kravchenko go bust, after Scotty's meltdown, this was the only guy i was rooting for...