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To all the readers [Feb. 13th, 2015|04:50 am]
At first, this journal was open to everyone, i shared hands and amounts won, cause i was pretty much a beginner and the $$$ won were insignificant.

Since then i moved up limits and started playing professionally, so i do not wish to share the way i play with non-friends (my posts here were found several times in Google by my table opponents, for example) and the money is getting serious, so i have to be a little more confidential about it, you understand:)

So, i am gonna leave the early entries as they are, but starting February 12th, 2007, this journal will be friends only.
If you are interested in reading it for some reason, you can leave a message here, and if you have a poker journal as well (or just wish to read about my poker progress and discuss hands), i will gladly add you to my buddy list.
This is a poker only journal, written in English, my main live journal in Russian is located Here.

Have a nice day all and good luck at the tables.

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Another happy update [May. 29th, 2009|12:11 am]
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WBCOOP [Dec. 7th, 2008|04:35 pm]

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This PokerStars tournament is a No Limit Texas Hold’em event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 142255

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I should stop playing donkaments [Dec. 23rd, 2007|10:53 pm]
I should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkamentsI should stop playing donkaments
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Poker tournaments [Dec. 17th, 2007|12:26 am]
Are glorified flipping.There, i said it.
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Little video from CPC [Dec. 11th, 2007|11:12 am]
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Unforgettable [Nov. 9th, 2007|08:54 pm]
Lee Watkinson goes all in
Jerry Yang calls

Lee's girlf: C'mon Father. In Jesus's name. No weapon formed
against us shall prosper

Jerry: Cmon Lord. You know Your purpose for me.

Lee's girlf : C'mon Lord. Make Lee a believer

Jerry: Father. In the name of Jesus Christ. Let me win this one.

Then, shaking Lee's hand as he leaves, Jerry says, "Pray for me."
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Hahahaha [Nov. 5th, 2007|04:06 am]
Got scammed for 5$
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Umm [Oct. 8th, 2007|08:07 pm]

Online PokerI have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 8516207

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WCOOP on Stars [Sep. 2nd, 2007|02:58 pm]
Ok, i will be playing:

14/9 215$ 6max NLHE 22:00 (isr time)
16/9 530$ NLHE 23:30
20/9 215$ rebuy NLHE 22:00
21/9 320$ HU NLHE 22:00
22/9 530$ PLHE 23:30
26/9 320$ 6max NLHE 22:00


23/9 1050$ NLHE 23:30
28/9 530$ triple shootout NLHE 23:30
30/$ 2600$ NLHE 23:30

if i cash enough in one (or more obv) of the other tournaments...
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I won! [Jul. 29th, 2007|04:36 pm]
Won the Israeli finals today, World cup of poker, here i come, baby.lexa_veterinar was close but went out 7th unfortunately.I was rooting for us both to qualify...
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Neteller [Jul. 18th, 2007|10:42 pm]
Dear NETELLER Member,

NETELLER wishes to inform you of changes to its service. Due to recent legislative changes in Israel, effective July 19, 2007, Israeli members will no longer be able to transfer funds to online gambling merchants using NETELLER.

Please note that you still have until July 31, 2007 to transfer funds from an online gambling site back to your NETELLER account. You may withdraw these funds at any time, should you choose.


Well, congratulate me, my american friends, our country apparently is as crappy as yours...
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WSOP ME FT [Jul. 18th, 2007|11:53 am]
Watching the PPV....I am disgusted at the level of play.
That KK vs A5o hand was simply awful.

Except Rahme's reraise preflop noone played this hand correctly during any part of the hand.

That idiot Young called a big reraise preflop with a horrible hand, flopped crummy top pair in position and then commited himself by betting...After that Ramme bluff check raises being second in chips and having plenty behind to check-fold that awful flop, bluffs a retard who can never fold top pair.And just as he is about to fold, he starts talking to him and induces a call.A call by a hand that beats nothing that an old nit would play like that with.All those multiple levels of thinking and at the end it all came down to "I have KK, i can't fold", "I have TP, i can't fold".Insane...I am just disgusted that this is a level of play at the ME' FT.

Well, it is a donkament after all.

Anyway, was sad to see Kravchenko go bust, after Scotty's meltdown, this was the only guy i was rooting for...
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Hendon mob [Jul. 5th, 2007|04:34 am]
Lol, my only Vegas tourney cash finally got updated into the Mob.They misspelled my last name (should be Gorelik), but at least i am out there.Well, there too:)
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Vegas trip - tournament edition [Jun. 30th, 2007|01:14 am]
Just got back yesterday, a lot of memories and experiences, i will split my posts about it into few groups.

I played 4 tournaments in Vegas.

Read more...Collapse )
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Can some please explain [Jun. 1st, 2007|04:45 am]
How i am up in this session after those hands?

Read more...Collapse )

Very proud about not tilting and finishing in the green.
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First good news for a long time [Apr. 8th, 2007|11:44 am]

Friend called me just now, said this is on the front page of Yediot Ahronot as well!
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Something important i realised [Mar. 26th, 2007|11:20 am]

Watched aba's video today and among other great things, i noticed something important - while he raised "speculative hands" like J9s UTG, he threw away A3o, even when it was folded to him on the button.
I knew even before of course, that Arag offsuit is pure trash, but i still used to raise it on the button.The problem is, this hand is so easily dominated and it's hard to get away from in medium pot after you get called by one of the blinds (example: you raise A6o OTB, BB calls, flop A7J, you decided to use deception and check, after he checks to you, he bets the turn, you call, he bets the river, you call, and you lose to AT.Or you could bet the flop, get called, check the turn for pot control and to induce a bluff and call the river, but still, mostly you are in trouble when an A flops).On the other hands, suited connectors and hands like QTs are less likely to be dominated.
So, i'll take notice on that one.
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WSOP [Mar. 12th, 2007|08:29 pm]
Just got my USA visa for 10 years approved today.
WSOP satellites, here i come!
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Oh man, what a day [Feb. 9th, 2007|07:48 am]
Started off slowly, grinded up a buyin after about 2.5 hours, even though about taking a break or quitting all together (something didn't feel right), but i thought "Hey, stop always quitting when you slightly ahead, the games are soft, keep going".

So i played badly and ran badly.Few suckouts, then a few retarded bluffed that were picked off, then i started suspecting everyone is 3bet bluffing me preflop, so i floated and 4bet with garbage, stat\rted some fancy plays etc etc...Meanwhile, i continued to run bad.
So, in a pretty short period i was down about 2k from the session height.That was pretty horrible.I don't know how i managed to pull myself together (well, a hand when i was 3bet preflop with 99 by Ak and a flop came AK9 helped for sure), but i managed to break even for the session.Even made 12$ and something.
Not bad for 6.5 hours work, huh?:)

Seriously, i think this is the hardest thing to do - coming back from behind, shaking off tilt, cold decks and own mistakes and finally to have the satisfaction of saying to yourself "you did it".
Going to sleep very pleased.
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January summary [Feb. 1st, 2007|12:59 pm]

Finished up 15090$.Was up about as much on 18th already, but didn't really play a whole lot after that, plus went on a little negative streak which i managed to finally seal yesterday.
I looked in my pt and turns out that i actually won 12100$ from the games themselves (well,maybe a little bit more, it didn't include a small amount of HU games on DOyle and my PLO/8 + 5CD amusement).So, 3k came from RB+bonuses.Yep, 900$ Doyle RB + 250$ Doyle reload bonus + 450$ from exchangin their action points for cash, ~550$ on FTP bonus (started it last month) + 700$ from FTP RB in the last 2 months (i can cash out FTP rb anytime from RBstore) and my referral's 2% from Doyle and FTP. All in all, this is a pretty damn sweet vig to consider.

February: Well, This is a shorter month, so i'll be very happy to reach 16k, make it 60 online and move to Nl600.
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Bye bye FTP [Jan. 28th, 2007|01:59 pm]
After another disgusting set over set in the 3rd hand of a day i finally desided to take all my money from FTP.
I have no desire to play against the best 2+2MSNLers on a site that seemingly flipped the doomswitch on me.
I won't say that it's rigged, but damn it - it's fucking rigged!!!!!!

4k won + rakeback, that's not too bad, considering all the ugly stuff i experienced.Nl400 is barely beatable, if there is a fish on the table, the waiting line is 5 people and he gets busted immediately.I played mostly Nl200 lately on FTP and that is pretty hard as well (well, i can beat it for sure , but why bother, when there are juicier NL400 games elsewhere ?).I will play on Doyle only, till the end of the month and then gonna try Absolute.
I also came to conclusion that i can't efficiently play more than 6 tables, cause beyond 6 i get distracted, can't focus on all the games properly and play much worse.
So, basically i only need to find a decent site who has enough NL400 games running so that i can find 2 soft tables.FTP isn't it for sure...

Also, in more pleasant news - Tribeca has removed its 75BB cap on limits above Nl200 and it's now the normal 100BB.Been hoping that'll happen for a long time.
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FTP is rigged [Jan. 23rd, 2007|10:00 am]
Damn it, i can't remember when i had that much set over sets, sets vs flushes, trips vs sets, overpairs vs sets, AA vs AK and KKx flops...Seriously, it's bad enough that this site is full of TAGs and nits, now this?All those hands were in raised pots, 2 people postflop.
I also had 2 simply horrible hands last night - 99, Co raises, i call on the button.Flop 228, 2 spades he bets, i call, turn 9, he overbets the pot, i know now he has overpair, push, he calls with AA and river is an A.
Then i have AA, raise OTB, BB reraises, i call.Flop is 3 rags, he bets, i reraise, he pushes.I call and he was bluffing with AQ.Sweet, right?Turn Q, river Q.Yes...That's right.

I finished clearing the bonus, but i am now 2k from the target i set to myself - 12k, doubling up my original 6k deposit.
I was so angry in the evening, that i cashed out everything, but i voided the order and i think i am gonna try and make that 2k inspite of the beats and suckouts.I can and will do it.

Few things that made laugh in the past 2 days:

1) I was playing on Doyle and FTP at the same time, on Doyle there was Frist_sucks, on FTP FcknFrist :)))

2) I was finishing the bonus and wandered to Nl100.One guy had Upaymyrent nickname.Another guy asked "You pay your rent from Nl100?Are you leaving in a tent?"

3) I raised A7 OTB, halfstacked dude called from BB.Flop 337,2 hearts he checked, i bet, he c/r, i decided the hell with and pushed, he had AT of hearts.I was hoping he will blank and he did.Then i see the pot moving towards him.Then i realise i have A8...

Plans for near future, now that i have dual monitors, after i beat FTP for another 2K:
Site RB Method Bonus

Eurobet 32% contributed 600$ bonus/Betsson 37% contributed, no bonus (both Ongame)
Bodog 27% dealt 10% on any deposit bonus
UB 32% dealt 600$ bonus
Absolute 32% contributed 750$ bonus
Battlefield 30% contributed, 1000$ bonus (Prima network)
Mansion 45% contributed, 100% bonus up to 1000$ (Plus, playing the 100k garanteed daily tourneys with overlay)
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Back on track [Jan. 18th, 2007|06:13 am]
2k yesterday, 1.5k today.
15k in a month.
I honestly don't want to play naymore, cause i am scared that i will experience downswing:)
Probably gonna take a day off tomorrow though anyway.Need to relax a bit.
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Well, here it is [Jan. 16th, 2007|04:22 am]
Lost 1200$.
Not really that much, considering the fact i played for 3.5 hours, 4 tables of Nl400 and 4 Nl200, but still kinda sucks.
Most painful one was against a dude with 97% vpip, who few hands earlier limp-called a big reraise w 93o.
I finally picked up a hand - QQ.
He limped-reraised and i pushed.
Yep, Aces....
I also caught runner runner Kings with my QK, only to lose to KJ's boat and when i had AK vs KK, flop was K high.
I should have let it it go, but couldn't :(

Made a few bad calldowns as well..basically, nothing worked well.

2 conclusions:

A) I can't play Nl400 and Nl200 together.Nl200 seems like insignificant if i combine both levels at the same time.I decided to drop down in FT, while i clear the bonus, cause Nl400 there is insanely hard and filled with multitabling human bots, but on the other hand, i always made bad calls , cause "it's just 150 more".

B) 8 tables is a little too much to play my A game, too hard to concentrate and make the best decisions.I think, 6, maximum 7 tables is more than enough for now.

The goal is currently to reach 12k at FTP (doubling my original 6k deposit) and get the hell out of there.
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Another difficult session [Jan. 15th, 2007|06:57 am]
Played for almost 6 hours, battled very hard...On FTP, i clicked "sit out" on all the tables, when i wanted to leave few hours ago, but on one of the table i got AQs on the button already.
I reraised some fish, hoping to take it down preflop and just leave.He called.
Flop came QQ7.He had 77...
I mean, you can't make this stuff up:)
Had to stay and play for 3 more hours just to get to where i was before that cooler.
On Doyle i lost to a limp-reraiser who held A7o (another horrible fish) who called my allin with KK.He caught one seven and two aces...Well, the usual - every QQ flop contained an Ace, Aces got cracked by J9o, KK by 58s, who called 40(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) preflop and flopped 3s6s8.I was tilting pretty hard, but managed to cool down and get to my best game.
Finally, i finished a little more than 1k up on both sites combined.Great success (c)!
Man, it was brutal...

Anyway, almost 13k this month.7 more to go to my target.Would really really love to make it.
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Update [Jan. 13th, 2007|05:39 am]
Scraped another 1k today and up 11k total this month.
I am awaiting the inevitable downswing, although i can feel optimistically since it's not like i've been running hot, i get the same disgusting beats, like losing with a set to TP allin on the flop and he catches running boat and constantly finding myself against rivered 2 outers.But i actually play well recently...Finally adjusted to Nl400 and it reflects on the results obviously...Also integrated some new elements to the game that i was lacking before, like selected deception (i used to never slowplay and this made me a little predictable) and more agression preflop.I even 4bet 68s once:)
Also, learned to identify profitable stealing/squeezing opportunities and it helps my monsters to get payed off as well.
In any case, i still have much to learn and i am not gonna stop trying to improve my game.

Those figures are new to me, my best month was 10k at Nl200 in October.
Well, i'll set the January target at 20k.
9 more to go...Hopefully i'll reach it and then might reevalute, although i don't disqualify taking a break for a week or so to rest.
Baby steps - first i have to reach it:)
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Best day ever [Jan. 9th, 2007|02:09 am]
Won more than 2k, crossed the 60k overall mark and up 7.5k this month already.
I need to start pulling those 15-20k months regularly...:)
So far my best month have been 10k at Nl200.

Still get excited about ~1k pots though, i don't think i'll be moving up soon, the money seems big enough at NL400 as it is, even though i am already overolled for it.

Oh, and btw, how do people play Full Tilt?
This is worse rock garden than Stars, it's rare to find a table with VPIP over 30, most of the players are 8tabling regulars, people 3bet you so often, that you are not gonna run over any table...I think, i am gonna clear the bonus and get the hell out of there...Maybe, little HU at Nl100, but that's it.

Since Tribeca allows only 4 tables, i still need a second site, and it should have RB of course.I prefer small enough site so it wouldn't be infested with 2+2 regulars, but big enough so that i could find 3-4 Nl400 tables.
Set my eyes on either Absolute or UB or Code Poker (Prima network).Probably won't hurt to clear all of their bonuses at least, gonna do that and select the one that has the softest games of the 3/ best terms.Code poker has a pretty neat RB feature, that is either 50% of your winnings (up to 2k) or 30% RB, whichever is greater.
I think, Stars and FTP are pretty tough to beat at limits above NL200 and i prefer to make money easier:)
So, i'll let MSNL 2+2ers to play each other and get out of the way:)
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Learning new games [Jan. 7th, 2007|01:14 am]
Started playing 2/5c game Omaha Hi/Lo on Stars.
Damn, this game is confusing:)))

Next is probably learning how to play Stud.
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Ok, ship it.Seriously. [Jan. 6th, 2007|10:34 pm]
Biggest pot i have ever won

Comes right after yesterday's disaster session, when i played for 8 hours 6-8tabling and lost 400$.

That included me having 0 sets in big pots, 1 set that lost to TP allin on the flop, QQ vs JJ lost allin preflop after i rivered a 3rd Q which completed his runner runner gutshot, big pairs constantly facing sets etc etc.
God, i needed that win today.Took about 1350$ in hour and a half and left.
Yep, i know, it's a leak of mine, i can't play long session after being up big early, but damn it, it seems like every time i stay "to bust that fish, cause it's a shame to waste this opportunity", i double someone else up and meanwhile fish loses his stack to other players, leave and i play for another 4 hours just trying to making it back to where i was.

Up more than 5k this month even though i am not running that well.
That second monitor is a blessing, i was bored 4tabling already...
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Test score [Jan. 5th, 2007|02:23 pm]

From here

Lol, i didn't know they were gonna calculate speed too, i solved the test while reading 2+2:))
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New purchase [Jan. 3rd, 2007|02:46 pm]
Just got my second monitor - Samsung 204b.Arrived today and i already set it up.
8 tables - here i gradually come!
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Ok [Dec. 12th, 2006|08:31 pm]
After running horribly last night at home poker game with my buddies (thank god it's only 0.25-0.5 NL) and taking a little break from online i am gonna start the session and i hope i will finally run at least average.

Yesterday's hands:

I straddle only to pick up AA and double up K5 that picked up 2 pairs on the turn.
I c/r allin w J8o on 78T turn, A9 calls and turns an A.
I lose with KQ to 77 on 7QQ board.Only set of the night happened just when i caught my only trips of the night...
I make a great read, push back to elliminate the best hand on K5 + 2 ragged clubs board (small 2 pairs folded), but guy with 34 of clubs calls and rivers a flush, which also makes my KJ a top 2 pairs.
Finally, on a board of 6s7s8s, i reraise allin for like 200BB with 6x9s and find out that BB flat called pfr with AA (no As) and is unable to lay the hand down on such a scary board.I had 21 outs, but the river is Jd.

Man...that's just cold deck.
So, anyway.
Things need to turn up, damn it!!!
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I definetely run very very bad [Dec. 10th, 2006|07:43 pm]

2+2 thread with the hands

Now, feel sorry for me, damn it!!!

P.S. - I actually played well these days.Yep, that's why you need to be overrolled.
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Damn [Dec. 9th, 2006|09:50 pm]
I am running bad again:(
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2-4Nl time [Dec. 3rd, 2006|01:23 am]
Ok, i am moving up.
Just gonna finish watching muddywater's (cardrunners' pro) 2-4NL 2hour session videos, and gonna start playing.

I have allocated 11 buyins for the move...If i lose them, it's rinse and repeat time...
Wish me luck:)
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I can't see my posts in friends group [Dec. 3rd, 2006|01:15 am]
People, do you see my posts, when you view your f-list?
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I sucked today [Nov. 1st, 2006|02:36 am]
I want this day to be remembered as day i played my worst live game of the year.
I won a lot yesterday and started great today, winning 3k (Nis, 1$=4.3 NIS), then something happened to me and my game.
First, i decided, that it's a good to semibluff my low FD with a pot size check-raise to a person, that i already bluffed and showed a few days ago and he fricken folded TP second kicker the hand earlier (he made the correct fold that hand).
Why would i do that?
Why on earth would i bluff a pretty rockish fellow, that raised preflop and bet on Q high flop and he is unlikely to make 2 laydowns in a row??
8k pot and i ended up on the river with 7 high (yep, i suck at sucking out).

Ok, i rebounded a little and then this gem came.
I have AQo on the button.
LAG raises pot UTG.He has about 1500 total.I decide, that i am tired of coinflips and just call to see the flop without reraising him. Tricky BB calls as well (capable of bluffing, which he showed a few hands earlier in particular and in general as well).Yeah, i just made those comments to justify what i did later :)
Flop come 7dJdQd.
LAG fires pot.
I reraise him to 2000.
Aftrer thinking for a while BB cold calls.
LAG folds, turn is a blank and B goes allin for my extra 3000+ .
Why did i decide that i have to call?
Why the hell i convinced myself that he has specifically QKd??
Yep, no suprises, he flopped the flush...

The only good thing is that i was able to get up from the table and leave, not trying to get even.
I am being backed in the live game, but it still kinda hurts.
Mainly, cause i played like a dumbass.
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Yep [Oct. 18th, 2006|03:49 pm]
After the high, had to come the down.

Lots of whining insideCollapse )

I think, i am gonna move to 2/4 now.I am overrolled for 1/2 and getting bored too often, starting some crazy plays and making very marginal calls.
The br is at 23k (115 buyins is too much already), if i hit 20 (god, i hope not), i'll be back to Nl1/2 and will grind it out to 25k, and then try again,
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Updates [Oct. 17th, 2006|04:55 pm]
October is my best month so far and i am up almost 8k.
Also, today was the best day of my carier (again, so far).
And i only played for 2.5 hours.
Am i finally running above average (i don't dare to say "good")?
Anyway, just hope it continues.

Here is today's graph

Посмотреть в полный размер, 143,43 КБ, 992x568Collapse )
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The funnies pic i ever saw in BBV [Oct. 12th, 2006|07:01 am]
I am actually in tears :))))

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Lesson for the ages [Oct. 10th, 2006|06:54 am]

So, my plan was to reach 20000$ br today and move to 2/4.
I made it to 19996$.
Thought about moving to lower stakes and winning those few $ there but decided that if i am gonna move up to the next level, i better make all the money in the current one.And it's only 4 more $!How hard can it be??

Ok, first i got a few min check-raises after i raised preflop and missed the flop.
Then i made a bad call of a reraise with 4 to a straight, when i have only one upper card and knew that villain probably has a higher straight.
Then dude called a turn allin on a board of 234T vs my JJ holding A4.River was a delightful 2.That's -200.
That's when i started to be annoyed.
Then my TPTK lost to a set (flop came w 2 spades, and he called till the river, then made a small bet which i had to call).-350.
Then KK got stacked by 44, after he raised to 8 from the button, i reraised to 24 from SB, BB called and he called as well (i don't blame him, i guess, but still hurts).
FLop came 4TQ with 2 spades and i couldn't get away....BB had AQ, so he almost trippled up.-500.
Then i got another few minraises and mincheckraises after i missed the flop and then i raised with 99 on the button, got one donk caller from B, flop came 8 high, he minraised me again, i reraised and he instapushed.There were 2 hearts on the board and he could have had A8, but i still would have layed this down if i was playing my A game.
Instead i gave him my stack as a present.
Dude had KK.

-750$ down after needing only 4...I think i learned my lesson.
Back to grinding tomorrow.
Hope to make it back again.
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Yep [Oct. 4th, 2006|02:20 pm]
Of course, 3 days after i decide that i can make enough from poker and quit my job, that freaking bill passes.
I will probably still be able to make more than my salary, but that would be a much harder task with the huge american fish base gone.
Hard days for online poker...Live is doable also, but that's mostly for fun.
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The combodraw [Sep. 29th, 2006|03:38 am]

I just made a stupid mistake in live game and lost 2/3 of my profit, so i'd like to write this down, so it would stick with me for a long time.

I have 82d in BB, 4handed (game will soon break up probably).5/10NL.I usually play 2/5NL live but this time they raised the blinds just before i came.The stacks were low, so it changed very little (the usual loose-passive game) and the players were bad, so i decided to stick around (i am being staked in live games, so that made it easier).

4 people in the pot, flop is 3d8Jd, SB bets 20, i raise to 60, he bets 225.
I didn't see him go out of line yet.
He has about 225 more behind and i cover.
Now, i either have to fold or put him all-in.

Why is folding correct and going allin is wrong?

a)Even if i assume he slowplayed QQ-AA, i am about 50/50 here.I estimate that my skill level in the current game is much higher than the small EV the dead money gives me.No need to gambool against this guys.I am reducing my skill factor by geting involved in huge pots with just a draw.

b) I have 0 folding equity.He will fold here may-be once out of a 1000 times.

c) I am behind his range. Let's see - The best i could hope for, as i said is QQ-AA or AJ.But he would probably raise those preflop.After thinking about the hand, he had to have at least 2 pairs here.Against a set, i am in a bad shape.
Against J8 - slightly better, but still only my flush outs are live.
Against J3 only i have 11 outs here, since 8 is also good.
All in all, his range crushes me.
And the fact that i have a pair is meaningless.In unraised pot i probably have to get a flush to win in most of the cases.So i am basically stacking off on a lone flush draw here.

d) This is very important: this is an unraised pot.So, it is not worth fighting that hard over.Morover (and more important), in raised pot, his range is much better for me, since i can assume high pair or TPTK and i have 14 outs.So, this auto "i am going broke with this great combo draw" is a fallacy in those cases.

I went allin and he called with J8.Of course i didn't hit the flush (good thing too, cause i wouldn't learn then) and lost a big pot, which took away 2/3 of my winnings for the night.

Bad play, not thinking it through enough and bad result.
One good thing though: i will probably not make the same mistake again.
And that is worth something for sure....
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Question for american poker players [Sep. 22nd, 2006|06:11 pm]
Are people on 2+2 represent the typical americans or the typical poker players?
Cause i've participated in a lot of forums (This is the first english speaking though) and never saw such brutal behaviour and berating in the amounts i see there.
I mean, a guy posted in the psychology forum that he has a gambling problem and he needs help and half of the replies were in tone of "You are a fish" and "Move up and post your screenname".What the hell is that??
I am not even speaking about BBV, where the retarded "lol XXXXments" and huge flaming is the norm.
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Dumbest bluff of the century? [Sep. 18th, 2006|10:47 pm]
The Green Slime 10475106-51176 Holdem No Limit $1/$2
[Sep 18 04:34:10] : Hand Start.
[Sep 18 04:34:10] : Seat 1 : cubanaries has $671.82
[Sep 18 04:34:10] : Seat 2 : bwd27 has $199
[Sep 18 04:34:10] : Seat 3 : MrCallOuts has $180.36
[Sep 18 04:34:10] : Seat 4 : xcountry20 has $49
[Sep 18 04:34:10] : Seat 5 : -alonso has $356.25
[Sep 18 04:34:10] : Seat 6 : cald has $920.20
[Sep 18 04:34:10] : bwd27 is the dealer.
[Sep 18 04:34:10] : xcountry20 posted small blind.
[Sep 18 04:34:10] : -alonso posted big blind.
[Sep 18 04:34:10] : Game [51176] started with 5 players.
[Sep 18 04:34:10] : Dealing Hole Cards.
[Sep 18 04:34:10] : Seat 2 : bwd27 has Js Jh
[Sep 18 04:34:15] : cald called $2
[Sep 18 04:33:58] : cubanaries folded.
[Sep 18 04:34:01] : bwd27 called $2 and raised $8
[Sep 18 04:34:03] : xcountry20 called $9
[Sep 18 04:34:03] : -alonso folded.
[Sep 18 04:34:03] : cald called $8
[Sep 18 04:34:03] : Dealing flop.
[Sep 18 04:34:03] : Board cards [7s 8h 8d]
[Sep 18 04:34:07] : xcountry20 checked.
[Sep 18 04:34:13] : cald bet $8
[Sep 18 04:34:20] : bwd27 called $8 and raised $24
[Sep 18 04:34:26] : xcountry20 called $32
[Sep 18 04:34:39] : cald called $24 and raised $48
[Sep 18 04:34:54] : It's your turn.
[Sep 18 04:34:54] : bwd27 has 10 seconds to respond.
[Sep 18 04:34:55] : bwd27 : wow
[Sep 18 04:35:01] : bwd27 folded.
[Sep 18 04:35:01] : xcountry20 called $7 and is All-in
[Sep 18 04:35:02] : Showdown!
[Sep 18 04:35:03] : Seat 4 : xcountry20 has Th Jd
[Sep 18 04:35:03] : Seat 6 : cald has 3d 5h
[Sep 18 04:35:40] : Board cards [7s 8h 8d 8c Ah]
[Sep 18 04:35:40] : Seat 6 : cald has 3d 5h
[Sep 18 04:35:40] : cald has 3 of a Kind: 8s
[Sep 18 04:35:40] : Seat 4 : xcountry20 has Th Jd
[Sep 18 04:35:40] : xcountry20 has 3 of a Kind: 8s
[Sep 18 04:35:40] : xcountry20 wins $139 with 3 of a Kind: 8s (Jack kicker)
[Sep 18 04:35:44] : bwd27 : r u kidding me???
[Sep 18 04:35:51] : Hand is over.
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Good times [Sep. 17th, 2006|04:02 am]
Played for 1 hour, made quick 400$ and left cause i was getting hungry and i wanted to book a little hit and run.
I actually found that every time i made a fast profit, i start considering quitting the session, meanwhile, i stay, lose chunk of it, get angry of myself for not leaving, lose it all and tilt off a buy-in on top of it.
The donkeys will still be there and i will feel better after returning and starting fresh.
Even though i don't like the concept of stop win, but i think, when i start worrying about losing the profit - it's time for me to quit, cause i can't play my a game.

This hand made me laugh, it reminded me of a hand scottro recently posted.
I think, i played it perfectly against a guy with a note on him "Enjoys slowplaying AA/KK preflop by just calling raises with them".He probably stacked me before if i had this note on him, so here you go, you goddamn stupid slowplayer!:)

Mystic River 10474973-59889 Holdem No Limit $1/$2
[Sep 17 02:09:47] : Hand Start.
[Sep 17 02:09:47] : Seat 1 : wakatak has $396.50
[Sep 17 02:09:47] : Seat 2 : bwd27 has $194
[Sep 17 02:09:47] : Seat 3 : z0rbas has $90
[Sep 17 02:09:47] : Seat 4 : doctpoker has $269.75
[Sep 17 02:09:47] : Seat 5 : timber71 has $326.99
[Sep 17 02:09:47] : Seat 6 : simple34 has $109.21
[Sep 17 02:09:47] : timber71 is the dealer.
[Sep 17 02:09:47] : simple34 posted small blind.
[Sep 17 02:09:47] : wakatak posted big blind.
[Sep 17 02:09:47] : Game [59889] started with 6 players.
[Sep 17 02:09:47] : Dealing Hole Cards.
[Sep 17 02:09:47] : Seat 2 : bwd27 has Jc Jh
[Sep 17 02:09:47] : wakatak : see
[Sep 17 02:09:53] : bwd27 called $2 and raised $6
[Sep 17 02:09:59] : z0rbas folded.
[Sep 17 02:10:00] : doctpoker called $8
[Sep 17 02:10:02] : timber71 called $8
[Sep 17 02:10:02] : simple34 folded.
[Sep 17 02:10:03] : wakatak folded.
[Sep 17 02:10:03] : Dealing flop.
[Sep 17 02:10:03] : Board cards [6c Jd 7c]
[Sep 17 02:10:09] : bwd27 bet $22
[Sep 17 02:10:14] : doctpoker called $22 and raised $25
[Sep 17 02:10:15] : timber71 folded.
[Sep 17 02:11:19] : bwd27 called $25 and raised $139 and is All-in
[Sep 17 02:11:20] : doctpoker called $139
[Sep 17 02:11:20] : Showdown!
[Sep 17 02:11:20] : Seat 2 : bwd27 has Jc Jh
[Sep 17 02:11:23] : Seat 2 : bwd27 has Jc Jh
[Sep 17 02:11:23] : Seat 4 : doctpoker has Kc Ks
[Sep 17 02:11:29] : Board cards [6c Jd 7c 6s Ts]
[Sep 17 02:11:29] : Seat 2 : bwd27 has Jc Jh
[Sep 17 02:11:29] : bwd27 has Full House : Jacks full of 6s
[Sep 17 02:11:29] : Seat 4 : doctpoker has Kc Ks
[Sep 17 02:11:29] : doctpoker has Two Pair: Kings and 6s
[Sep 17 02:11:29] : bwd27 wins $396 with Full House : Jacks full of 6s
[Sep 17 02:11:35] : wakatak : awww
[Sep 17 02:11:38] : Hand is over.

One guy told him "ul" after that hand.
Yeah, really unlucky that he plays bad...:)))

Up almost 4k in september and i will get another 1k after converting my Doyle's room action points for cash.
Seriously thinking about quitting my job and becoming an online pro.
I can beat Nl200 for sure and if i beat it for about 5ptbb/100 and i 4table as usual even for 5 days a week that is about 7-8 times more than i usually make at my regular job.
Since i've been steadily winning in the past few months, i really do not enjoy working for pennies anymore.
I will probably work till new year and if i'll continue to progress in the current rate, i will quit then.
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Today's session (careful, a lot of whining inside) [Sep. 11th, 2006|02:51 am]
I keep running horribly this month.
This has nothing to do with stakes, i just keep playing correctly and getting nailed.
3 times i played for all my stack today.
Here are those hands

Read more...Collapse )

Ok, so once a freaking moron cold called 28$ preflop with J9s and put all his money in on J high draw (and hit obviously).
Then another idiot called 40$ preflop (this would be a good call if we both had 500 behind) and of course flopped a set vs my TPTK on a very safe looking board.
And finally dumbass doesn't know that his TP no kicker and weak SD no good after a check-raise and river a 3 outer for the split.Wooohoo!!!
Needless to say, that when i reraised with KK, the flop came with an Ace and 3 diamonds, while i didn't have Kd....

I actually tryed to pot a move on a frequent raiser once (he seemed pretty solid postflop) with...yes, J9s (i called and planned to c/r him).That was before the AA hand...

The Descent 10474776-66723 Holdem No Limit $1/$2
[Sep 10 23:40:30] : Hand Start.
[Sep 10 23:40:30] : Seat 1 : Steve4981 has $206
[Sep 10 23:40:30] : Seat 2 : Elwood1234 has $190
[Sep 10 23:40:30] : Seat 3 : macca001 has $40
[Sep 10 23:40:30] : Seat 4 : bwd27 has $244.97
[Sep 10 23:40:30] : Seat 5 : Tipsy1 has $153.66
[Sep 10 23:40:30] : Seat 6 : savechip618 has $756
[Sep 10 23:40:30] : Elwood1234 is the dealer.
[Sep 10 23:40:30] : macca001 will be allowed to play after the button.
[Sep 10 23:40:30] : bwd27 posted small blind.
[Sep 10 23:40:40] : Tipsy1 has 10 seconds to respond.
[Sep 10 23:40:37] : Tipsy1 refused to post big blind.
[Sep 10 23:40:39] : savechip618 posted big blind.
[Sep 10 23:40:39] : Game [66723] started with 4 players.
[Sep 10 23:40:39] : Dealing Hole Cards.
[Sep 10 23:40:39] : Seat 4 : bwd27 has 9c Jc
[Sep 10 23:41:34] : Steve4981 called $2 and raised $6
[Sep 10 23:41:36] : Elwood1234 folded.
[Sep 10 23:41:38] : bwd27 called $7
[Sep 10 23:41:41] : savechip618 folded.
[Sep 10 23:41:41] : Dealing flop.
[Sep 10 23:41:41] : Board cards [6d Qh 2d]
[Sep 10 23:41:43] : bwd27 checked.
[Sep 10 23:41:47] : Steve4981 bet $17
[Sep 10 23:41:53] : bwd27 called $17 and raised $34
[Sep 10 23:41:56] : Steve4981 called $34
[Sep 10 23:41:57] : Dealing turn.
[Sep 10 23:41:57] : Board cards [6d Qh 2d 4d]
[Sep 10 23:42:10] : bwd27 checked.
[Sep 10 23:42:16] : Steve4981 checked.
[Sep 10 23:42:16] : Dealing river.
[Sep 10 23:42:16] : Board cards [6d Qh 2d 4d 2s]
[Sep 10 23:42:30] : It's your turn.
[Sep 10 23:42:30] : bwd27 has 10 seconds to respond.
[Sep 10 23:42:36] : bwd27 bet $85
[Sep 10 23:42:40] : Steve4981 called $85
[Sep 10 23:42:40] : Showdown!
[Sep 10 23:42:40] : Seat 4 : bwd27 has 9c Jc
[Sep 10 23:42:42] : Seat 4 : bwd27 has 9c Jc
[Sep 10 23:42:42] : bwd27 has Pair: 2s
[Sep 10 23:42:42] : Seat 1 : Steve4981 has Qc Ad
[Sep 10 23:42:42] : Steve4981 has Two Pair: Queens and 2s
[Sep 10 23:42:42] : Steve4981 wins $288 with Two Pair: Queens and 2s
[Sep 10 23:42:51] : Hand is over.

Obviously, TPTK is the nuts after a c/r from a tight player on paired flushed board.I played it like a set all the way and still got called.
I didn't try to bluff again this session.

Also, i stopped flopping sets in big pots.
You know the drill - 77 at the Co, raise to 7, SB reraises to 20, he is deep enough so i have the odds to call, flop is AQ3, he cbets, i fold.
Not once i flopped a set in a raised pot...NOT FUCKING ONCE!
Ok, i actually flopped it twice in 5 hours and got very little action.
But i am whining here, so NOT FUCKING ONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, amazingly enough, i finished the session up almost a buy-in.
I don't know how i did it.
I don't know, how i didn't tilt after those beats (especially the AA one), i just got up, washed my face and slowly grinded my way up to break even and then some.
I think this is one of the greatest things i have ever accomplished in poker.
Those kinds of sessions usually ended with 2 buy-ins down before, and then another one tilted away at the end, and i would log off disgusted.

I guess, this means that i have what it takes to succeed in poker for a long time if i am able to overcome such things....
But, damn it, that was just sooooooooooooooooooo hard....
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Today + September + Very funny and recommended for read chat [Sep. 9th, 2006|04:19 am]
NL200 is hard (mostly emotionally), but i am still winning since i moved up, just for less PTBB than i used to on NL100
Cleared 500$ from VC first - it was very tough, i had such hard and long sessions that i cleared it in 2 days + an hour on the 3rd, played like 9 hours a day cause i got stuck earlier, but didn't tilt, just steadily grinded my way up...Got some sick beats + the usual KK vs AA coolers.
The most memorable ones:Flopped straight vs TP, lost to runner runner boat (got the money in on the turn vs his 2 pairs), AQ, on Q high flop, lost to runner runner flush (again, got the money on the turn, he said he called on tilt), KK lost to A7 allin preflop and the most horrible one - tilting guy went all-in for like 20 hands in a row, i finally caught AJ and called him, he had 96o and needless to say i was drawing fucking dead by the turn after a 782 flop.Still, i managed to earn about 500$ from poker during the clearing, but it was so damn hard to achieve.

+ Doyle's RB, together with few buy-ins i won (i didn't play a lot in September, cause i was drained after those 2 days) - and i am up by 2k already.

I also purchased a 100 Amazon gift card from 2+2er for 93$ (damn, i wish they'd exist before and i wouldn't have to spend money from non poker balance and get screwed by an exchange rate on my Credit card, plus 7$ free baby!) and ordered some books.

World Poker Tour(TM): In the Money"
Antonio Esfandiari; Paperback; $10.85

"Professional Poker: The Essential Guide to Playing for a Living"
Mark Blade; Paperback; $16.47

"The Tao of Poker: 285 Rules to Transform Your Game and Your Life"
Larry W. Phillips; Paperback; $9.95

"Improve Your Poker"
Bob Ciaffone; Paperback; $13.00

"Pressure Poker: Poker Strategy and Tools to Improve Your Game"
Scott Gallant; Paperback; $23.99

I wanted to order Scott's book as well, but the shipping/book price didn't fit into the 100$ and i had to postpone its order for next time.It was either that or Ciaffone (similar price) and i wanted Bob's book for a long time, but "Why do you lose at poker" is first in my shopping cart....
Hope, Negreanu's and Gordon's books will be released soon and i'll order them all together.

Played some HU on Stars today (i am done with cash games on this site, but it's still the best for tournies), did pretty well.But the funniest part was the last tourny

Results + some extremely fun chatCollapse )
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Last day of the month [Aug. 31st, 2006|07:03 am]
Damn, it was hard.
I started by donking off about 100 with a very weird hand.
Utg suddenly raised to 18 and i had AK on the button.
That overbet looked strange, but i wanted to see the flop instead of reraising right now, cause i was new to the table (should have just pitched the hand), flop was ragged and villain bet about really small.
I thought he was afraid of my call and missed the flop, so i reraised him pretty hard and he called after thinking for a while.
He donk bet the turn again - 16 into 100 pot.WTF?
By that time i just called, river bricked, and he bet 16 again...I was just curious wtf he could have there?
Called, and he showed QQ.
Weird hand...

Then on another table i limped UTG with KK.
Someone minraised and button called, i reraised to 14 (too small, i know, should have made it 20 OOP)...Flop was K9Q with 2 clubs...Long story short, button had JT and i didn't fill up.
That miniraising dude turned out to be very tricky LAG, who entered every hand (96vpip) and raised about half of them.
He was really good postflop though, agressive, semibluffing, and knew when to laydown.
I just couldn't nail him and franckly he pwned me pretty hard.
I had AQs, raised it up, he called on the button.
Flop came A34 2 spades, i bet about pot, he called.
Turn is a 5, not a spade.
I check, he bets pot right away.
I almost folded, but then i thought, if he has A2 (or just any 2), why would he do it?
So, i decided, he was on a spade draw and called.
That was before i got reads on him, i just saw him constantly raising,overbetting and entering every pot, so i thought he was as typical donkey.
Turn was another brick, and i decided i am gonna let him bluff again.
I check, he went all-in immediately, i called and he had A2...Pwned.
So, i was down 600$ right away.
Strangely, i almost didn't tilt.
Just went to wash my face, regrouped and started grinding it up.
I couldn't get that guy, cause he was really good at putting people on hands and folded if i had the goods.
I bluffed him several times because of it, but he probably bluffed me too a lot of times.

I managed to get it all back and to finish a session even up about 150 or so, but damn it, it was hard.
My pfr has dropped since i moved up, i've been more taggish lately, cause the stakes are still new to me, but that is probably gonna change soon.
Meanwhile, this is my last day of the month, i won't play again in august, so this marks the end of my best month in poker so far - almost 6k netto without any bonuses (just the rb at the beginning).

On different note, i started a good discussion about Combodraws on 2+2, i think it worth a read.

Still havent' decided what to do here...
Today i had 8dTd and flop had 7d9d...i was OOP vs that LAG and decided just to call all the way to try and catch my draw (i especially hoped for the straight outs), but i bricked as usual...
He probably didn't have much and i should have check-raised him on the flop.
It would suck to be stacked by him again though....
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