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To all the readers [Feb. 13th, 2015|04:50 am]
At first, this journal was open to everyone, i shared hands and amounts won, cause i was pretty much a beginner and the $$$ won were insignificant.

Since then i moved up limits and started playing professionally, so i do not wish to share the way i play with non-friends (my posts here were found several times in Google by my table opponents, for example) and the money is getting serious, so i have to be a little more confidential about it, you understand:)

So, i am gonna leave the early entries as they are, but starting February 12th, 2007, this journal will be friends only.
If you are interested in reading it for some reason, you can leave a message here, and if you have a poker journal as well (or just wish to read about my poker progress and discuss hands), i will gladly add you to my buddy list.
This is a poker only journal, written in English, my main live journal in Russian is located Here.

Have a nice day all and good luck at the tables.


[User Picture]From: bwdpoker
2007-02-13 07:11 pm (UTC)
Hi, added you to friends.
I am not afraid of someone from my own stakes reading it, if it's a single person, basically, what happened is that my entries could be found by googling, so ALL my opponents could do it if they wanted and this was unneccessary.
Also, i did not wish to further discuss big monetary amounts in the open like this.

I have no problems with sharing it with a few selected friends though:)
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[User Picture]From: alicali
2010-09-12 06:49 pm (UTC)
how did they manage to google you? are you playin' under the same nickmane? (bwdpoker)
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[User Picture]From: blackwinterday_
2010-09-12 09:42 pm (UTC)
Я постил руки без конвертации, с тем ником, с каким играю. Кто гуглил себя, мог найти руку и мои замечания о ней.
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