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WCOOP on Stars [Sep. 2nd, 2007|02:58 pm]
Ok, i will be playing:

14/9 215$ 6max NLHE 22:00 (isr time)
16/9 530$ NLHE 23:30
20/9 215$ rebuy NLHE 22:00
21/9 320$ HU NLHE 22:00
22/9 530$ PLHE 23:30
26/9 320$ 6max NLHE 22:00


23/9 1050$ NLHE 23:30
28/9 530$ triple shootout NLHE 23:30
30/$ 2600$ NLHE 23:30

if i cash enough in one (or more obv) of the other tournaments...

From: ex_arkz183
2007-09-02 09:15 pm (UTC)
мда выйгрыш в одном может покрыть твой 5 летний винрейт в каше:)

2600$ байин жесткая тема, это я так понял майн ивент на 5 лимонов:) надо будет посмотреть со стороны:))
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[User Picture]From: bwdpoker
2007-09-03 10:15 am (UTC)
Ну так как там будет до хрена челов, выиграть такое нереально.
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[User Picture]From: patty_bush
2007-10-03 05:30 am (UTC)

Favor to ask.

I have like thirty bucks in my Party Poker Account, You wouldn't happen to have an account on there that I can transfer to you and have you transfer to me on one of the US friendly accounts.

Those ass holes are taking $10 from me every month for maintenance fees. I'll let you keep $5 for your troubles.... of course that's a small blind at the stakes you play.

I would appreciate it.
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[User Picture]From: bwdpoker
2007-10-03 02:02 pm (UTC)

Re: Favor to ask.

Israelis aren't allowed to play on Party, so i don't have an account there.
I'd do it for free if i had:)

Aren't from USA, btw?
How can you have an account on Party?
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